Bring Your Whole Self to Work

It’s interesting how we often avoid conversations with co-workers about their lives outside of work. People might feel like this is time wasted away from actually getting work done. This makes going to work draining, since we often have difficulties building real connections with our coworkers, who we spend the majority of our waking hours with.

It can also be difficult to disagree with coworkers, employee’s or bosses. We often try and find ways to avoid it to prevent uncomfortable situations. We sometimes find ways to ignore or sugar-coat failures made by others to prevent them feeling bad. When we do not actively provide others with real feedback and honest criticism it ends up hurting them more.

Kim Scott believes that real human connections and direct honesty are the key to being a great worker and manager.

Bringing your real self to work, and being open and honest with others also brings better energy from everyone. I can safely say that working with people who have embraced being radically candid has made an impact on my quality of life at work.

Shouldn’t we find ways to be our best and true selves at work?

Absolutely recommend reading the book Radical Candor by Kim Scott